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I cherish each opportunity to expand my collage artwork in new views and in new directions. 

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if you are interested in requesting a commission.  Whether it is a building, a place, a portrait or a special view you want captured in collage, I look forward to collaborating!  
As an artist I find working with clients on commissioned projects is a rewarding and growing experience, challenging me to bring new and fresh ideas to life.
— Laurie Carswell

Growing up with a father who enjoys building projects, and tagging along with him as we toured homes in various states of construction, I developed a love of architecture and imagining 3-dimensional spaces.  This passion was fueled by perspective drawing classes and found an avenue for expression in a commissioned piece for Steel House, the newly renovated Peden Steel building in the heart of San Antonio, TX. My artist’s perspective developed into a piece, which is now a part of the Steel House Gallery Permanent Collection. View more of Steel House Collage.

This commissioned piece incorporated another art form, the combining of hand built collage with digital techniques.  The image was used for a client’s personal wedding suite, including save the date cards and invitations.  In addition, each wedding guest and vendor received an original collage on a 4x4 tile depicting elements of the wedding venue at Big Cedar Lodge and Top of the Rock in the Ozark Mountains. Pictured here is a selection from the series.  View more of Wedding Gift Collages.

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My collage technique is a process
of painting with paper pieces.  

Original photo

Original photo


Completed Collage


Working with a reference photograph of people, buildings, or landscape formations as my guide, I first draw the outlines of the essential elements in the composition on my canvas board. Once this technical foundation is complete, I can begin the exciting artistic adventure of adding color, pattern, and texture.  Instead of mixing colors on a painter’s palette, I look through printed magazines, searching for images I feel will capture and amplify the color shapes in the photograph.  Perhaps denim jeans in an ad will be the wavy texture in water or the ruffles of a wedding dress will form the perfect cloud.

With every project, I always begin with the background and sky, cutting each selected color and arranging it in a rough layout on my board.  Before gluing, I trim and sculpt each paper edge to smooth transitions as well as move or even remove other pieces. Layer by layer, the scene is built and my studio table fills up with a kaleidoscope of paper pieces waiting to find their place in the artwork. 

Sitting in the midst of scraps of paper, shaping shadows, and tearing edges is where I find unlimited creative moments and delightful surprises.  Many times, I have flipped a piece over to discover that the better fit is a funky pattern on the back side.  Collage is unpredictable and infinitely flexible.

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Playing with Paper

This image collection features several personal pieces that I have created in an ongoing series highlighting historic and classic places in my beloved hometown of Austin, TX.  Included, also, are several playful pieces that were created for local art shows and events.   

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Creative Paper Art
made in Austin, Texas

Laurie "Lauriebelle" Carswell

A little bit about me 

I am an art educator who has stepped out of the classroom to pursue art-making. I paint with torn paper, magazines, newspaper, handmade paper, cut paper...anything I can manipulate in layers. Ceramic sculpture is my background so dimension and texture naturally infuse my work. Austin is my current muse and I enjoy capturing places in the city that radiate color, pattern, texture and activity. When I am not in the studio I love being outside spending time with my family on the lake boating, or long-distance trail running or supporting activities at my church. 



"All things are created spiritually. Mind not matter is the creator."
- Mary Baker Eddy

I am inspired by God's artistry in nature, architecture, and humanity.  I see this in gradients in the sky, texture in buildings, stones, vintage cars, and motorcycles.  I am captivated by reflection shapes in glass, water, and chrome.  You might catch me taking pictures of sunsets around town. I'm crazy about magenta and turquoise wherever I can find them, but most of all I love the precious process of art making and seeing other artists at work.

Laurie, also known as Lauriebelle!

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