Creative Paper Art
made in Austin, Texas

Laurie "Lauriebelle" Carswell

A little bit about me 

I am an art educator who has stepped out of the classroom to pursue art-making. I paint with torn paper, magazines, newspaper, handmade paper, cut paper...anything I can manipulate in layers. Ceramic sculpture is my background so dimension and texture naturally infuse my work. Austin is my current muse and I enjoy capturing places in the city that radiate color, pattern, texture and activity.   When I am not in the studio I love being outside spending time with my family on the lake boating, or long-distance trail running or supporting activities at my church. 




"All things are created spiritually. Mind not matter is the creator."
- Mary Baker Eddy

I am inspired by God's artistry in nature, architecture, and humanity.  I see this in gradients in the sky, texture in buildings, stones, vintage cars, and motorcycles.  I am captivated by reflection shapes in glass, water, and chrome.  You might catch me taking pictures of sunsets around town. I'm crazy about magenta and turquoise wherever I can find them, but most of all I love the precious process of art making and seeing other artists at work.

Laurie, also known as Lauriebelle!


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